We capture real experiences.

Daily challenges
Aggregated insights
Treatment decisions


We listen

Healthcare players often don't have enough time to listen to those fighting a chronic condition - mama health was built as a space for everyone to get out every detail and be heard.


We anonymise and aggregate stories

Individual stories don't tell much - mama health combines patient stories together to give communities a louder voice, which also maintains the maximum privacy for every user.


We generate insights

Understanding what patients need is the starting point to build a patient-centric healthcare system - mama health captures what patients really care about and helps health players make decisions that matter.

Let's improve the patient journey

We learn how disease is managed - from the patient perspective

Patient engagement

Patients often don't speak the doctor-language, but they understand each other. We built a platform for patients to interact, learn and get support from others - in turn, to improve their treatment adherence, disease acceptance and quality of life.

Shorten time to diagnosis

Patients face significant roadblocks that delay their diagnosis and impact their treatment options. Learning from user stories we identify those roadblocks and can design solutions to overcome them.

Ideate from patients

Researchers and engineers build better solutions for patients, but how can they really understand their everyday unmet needs?
We help you focus your investments where they will have the most impact, inspiring better research and product design so that more innovative solutions get to patients faster.

What others say

"We are an open book but nobody was reading us. Now we have the technology to show our stories in data."


Admin of a patient group supporting 30,000 members

"I'm glad to have you, my doctor does not understand me."


Long Covid fighter


Our team has medical, technical and management skills

Mattia Marco Caruson

Co-founder, CEO

previously management consultant in the healthcare sector

Jonas Witt

Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer

medical doctor with experience in healthcare digital solutions

Dr. Adriatik Nikaj

Co-founder, CTO

background in computer science and PhD in Process Technology

Prof. Dr. Mathias Weske

Tech Advisor

Chair of the business process technology research group @ HPI
Co-founded Signavio

Johannes Unruh

Chief Product Officer

Patient advocate and software engineer


Our pipeline

mama health is disease-agnostic, supporting everyone condition by condition



Myasthenia gravis



Lyme disease









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