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Each member has a story to tell - we organize them.

Communities and advocacy groups provide patients with invaluable support - and if they captured all those stories in a structured way they could even improve the overall healthcare system!

How it works

A single place to organize...


Members' stories

See which care processes members are going through, which treatments are being prescribed across the country, which symptoms are they reporting


Members' tips

What is helping members? Which centres are being the most supporting ones? Which "hacks" or routines are helping in their daily life? Map and rank everything that member think would be useful for others like them


Useful resources

Several patients ask the same questions or look for the same resource. Keep the most important info easily accessible to them, at any time. Let them find the answer - instead of asking again and again...

Help the healthcare system put the patient first

The stories of members of patient communities can shed a light on the inefficiencies of the healthcare system. Let's make them count to design more patient-centric health care.

Privacy is the priority for us

In accordance with GDPR, members stories will be processed anonymously and all analysis is done at the aggregate level. No one (not even the patient association) will be able to read individual stories. Read more in our privacy policy.


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☑️ Peer-to-peer virtual events

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What others say

"We are an open book but nobody was reading us. Now we have the technology to show our stories in data."


Admin of a patient group supporting 30,000 members

"I'm glad to have you, my doctor does not understand me."


Long Covid fighter

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