On April 26-28, Berlin hosted the largest European conference on digital health. We were invited to talk about patient empowerment and how to achieve that.

We started our presentation by explaining what it means to live with a chronic condition: it is not just about taking the pills and going to the doctor, it is also about minimizing the impact the disease has on our daily lives. This is why not even doctors are able to answer all the questions patients have.

Patients need others like them.

Current resources they have - including forums and Facebook groups - are not able to answer those questions in a structured way and rely on the anecdotal information from those who are online at that moment. And the next day that piece of information is lost.

What if, as a patient, you had access to the experience of millions out there -across geographies- who went through the same?

Mama health was built to make that happen. We presented our solution to capture the experiences of those experiencing the disease first-hand, and show others how others are coming with it.

The audience, including professionals and companies active in medicine and healthcare - has been incredibly supportive and approached us to partner up and make this a reality.

At DMEA, we shared our vision and how we can contribute to getting there. We believe patients deserve to play a substantial, proactive role in the management of their health. To do so, we all need to build a patient-friendly environment where they can learn, crowdsource information and become empowered to propose alternatives to their doctors. The doctor and the patient have to decide together what is the best next step.

Published on:

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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